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The trend of integration of mobile phone into smart computer and laptop is irreversible

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The field of hypermobile devices is an exciting and profitable one. The market is charming because its products have a wide range of applications, such as Internet access, listening to music, navigation, telephone calls and data communications.

In 2007, Apple's iPhone, equipped with Mac operating system and multi-touch technology, broke the tranquility of the mobile phone market, showing us the great potential of technological change in mobile phones and the huge integration between computers and mobile phones. At the 2008 Shanghai Intel Information Technology Summit (IDF) earlier this month, the PC giants represented by Lenovo, HP and Acer, and the consumer electronics giants represented by Samsung, Mingji and Patriot all aimed at the super-mobile device market, which made us have to rethink such a question: after 2008, the integration and competition between mobile phones and computers is the most important. What will the result be?

Mobile phone transforms into "smart computer" terminal

Nowadays, with the development of mobile phones, the feeling of "smart computer" terminals becomes more and more obvious. Let's start with three stages of mobile phone development: first, the process of mobile phone changing from analog era to digital era; second, the process of mobile phone changing from black-and-white screen to color screen; third, the process of mobile phone changing from ordinary call function to multimedia.

In these three changes, mobile phone functions are also increasing. Mobile phone has evolved from a simple call tool to a multimedia tool. With the addition of Java (one of the programming languages) and smart phones, the functions of mobile phones are gradually approaching to computers, which has a trend of computerization. With the addition of Symbian, Linux, palm, Mac and other mobile operating systems, mobile phones can not only communicate, but also process office documents and pictures, and browse web pages online. And the third-party client software of mobile phone has also increased the function of mobile phone, starting from desktop software to mobile client software.

In a sense, promoting the process of smart phone computerization is based on the progress of hardware technology and the development of operating system, while the driving force is the influx of mobile client software, which creates demand for mobile phone users. "Satisfying users'needs" is almost the requirement of all enterprises to themselves, but creating needs is a greater innovation. For mobile phones, this is a brand-new territory, unable to follow the footsteps of predecessors to develop software, but the birth of new software stimulates the new demand of mobile phone users, and this new demand stimulates the process of mobile phone computerization and accelerates the popularization of smart phones.

We take mobile IM (instant messaging) software as an example. IM software has always been a desktop software, but now we talk about QQ (Tencent instant messaging tool) on mobile phones. Mobile QQ client software creates this demand, while constantly improving its functions to meet the needs of users. For this reason, many people buy a mobile phone that supports Java or Symbian system in order to enable them to talk about QQ at any time, which speeds up the popularization of smartphones and promotes the process of computerization of mobile phones.

In developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, WiFi wireless networks and 3G networks are all over the world. They are also improving the speed of mobile Internet access, bringing good experience to mobile Internet access and accelerating the process of mobile computerization. The birth of Apple's iPhone has enabled the mobile phone to load the Mac operating system, to log on to the Internet and process email and office documents conveniently, and to have super-convenient touch mode of operation, and to drag and drop web pages at will, all of which have freed the mobile phone from the limitations of screen and keyboard size.

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