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French medical school says mobile phone antenna is not harmful to health

Editor: ririxin machinery Browse: 976 Time: 2022.08.31

Our newspaper, Paris, March 15 (reporter Zheng Qi) - according to the French newspaper Le Figaro, the French medical college recently claimed that mobile phones and mobile phone transmitting antennas are not only harmless to health, but also can save many lives every year. Because mobile phones make communication easier and provide convenience for rescue.

In people's traditional concept, the amount of radiation generated by mobile phone transmitting antenna is huge. However, according to the French medical college, the result is just the opposite. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the transmitting antenna is 100 to 100000 times weaker than that emitted by the mobile phone. The radiation generated by the mobile phone in 30 seconds is equivalent to the radiation of the transmitting antenna in a day. In this radiation intensity and frequency, there will be no adverse effect on health. The World Health Organization (OMS) and the European Union's emerging and newly identified health risk safety committee (scenihr) also unanimously agreed that mobile phone transmitting antennas are harmless to health.

At present, there is no effective evidence that the electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones and mobile phone transmitting antennas will have obvious harmful effects on health

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